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Steel mesh machine development prospects

by:HONTA     2020-08-17

mesh machine in the application in our country is still in its infancy, at present our country are being reinforced the proportion of the total amount of less than one over ten. In the early 1990 s, the steel bar welded mesh is by the national science and technology commission, the ministry of construction as the key promotion project, and made the national standards, and procedures.

in recent years, China's infrastructure development soon, the national investment in infrastructure sustained growth; Implement the strategy of western development. The national economic construction entered a new phase, energy, transportation, water conservancy, housing and construction of municipal engineering and other basic demand for steel bar welded mesh will multiply. Its a very broad application prospect in the market; Steel bar welded mesh is suitable for factory, large-scale production, it is high efficiency, accord with environmental protection requirement, to adapt to the development trend of construction industrialization emerging industries. Steel welding net road construction is one of the world steel industry development trend. This new form of reinforcement steel meshes, especially suitable for large area concrete engineering. In cold drawn ribbed steel bar, hot-rolled steel level III widely and rapid popularization and application of welding net development provides a good material basis. Welded mesh product standards and procedures of using formal enforcement, to improve product quality, accelerate application has played a positive role. Our country has a great potential market demand for steel fabric. Steel mesh on the aesthetic likeable.

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