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Steel mesh platoon welder welding principle

by:HONTA     2020-08-16

steel slice row welder welding principle: reinforcing steel bar in rows electrode pressure, using the current produced by multiple welding electrode intersection, the resistance of the hot melt steel reinforced multiple overlapping through electrical heating and mechanical force makes welding fuse into a mesh point forming of plastic, form.

discontinuous operation, no operating normally, the switch of resistance welding transformer between the primary winding and the power cord and a winding is connected to the network before, weldment was pressure in the weldment and welding circuit has been closed. Once the plug in, transformer will run under the load condition, so there is no light condition ( Flash butt welding exception) 。 When welding wire welding machine, welding position of loading and unloading, and clamping, welding and welding cycle of preloading, forging, resting, such as application, generally do not need to be connected to the power supply. Therefore, electric resistance welding transformer working time is discontinuous. IMG_3030_ copy. JPG net configuration Seine driven by servo motor, servo motor, the dynamic performance is high, the net even, smooth surface. Welding transformer adopts new multistage regulation of transformer, expanding the scope of the welding wire diameter, expanding the scope of the machine to use. The equipment adopts PLC program control system control, control precision and control interface using a touch screen and buttons, easy to operate. Silk blanking agencies adopt stepper motor control, automatic blanking, accurate placement, weft wire length is adjustable, welded mesh is neat, without cutting edge. The wire into the material with wire automatic cycle into the material, without artificial added. Row fence mesh welding machine is mainly used for: railway, highway, Bridges, buildings, such as residential fence and shelves, warehouse cage welding.

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