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Steel wire drawing machine maintenance

by:HONTA     2020-06-21

and stepper motor, servo motor, variable frequency speed control system than for the general three-phase asynchronous electrical and mechanical stop master fault. Before the eve of the limit to save all the keep-off control system of the capital. Clean oil when no precipitation. Machine tool must often insist on clean, steel wire drawing machine to protect the way care is tough in accordance with the procedures to stop manipulating manipulation. According to smooth after each boot chart request, fixed point in time, quantitative add lubricating oil. Not local antirust oil paint.

and often reflect on electrical local tasks can generally safe reliable. Current reflection v-belt, handles, knobs, buttons, no damage, smooth overflow oil to current of motor bearing inner change filling. Wear serious should be replaced in a timely manner, and spare parts. Current reflection repair switch, dangerous, handle, guaranteeing the reliable operation. After work everyday 10 minutes, wrong scrubbing machine go smooth and clean the machine tool. Clerk to manipulate the device is specified it is strictly prohibited, always must do to people off the machine stopped. Silk machine top block assumed control of common nc status to master. Application of high resolution of photoelectric encoder is indirect detection of moving parts, broken after fault general three-phase asynchronous motor running rate to master. No wrong keep-off stop before accurate positioning. Exist single step and step up to nine workers grasp the function, and no wrong Ren Yinong step one step operation, wrong driver bits and pieces of hurtling into the, dynamic positioning, quiet words for the expansion of false.

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