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Steel wire drawing machine preventive maintenance and how to do

by:HONTA     2020-06-20

how to steel wire drawing machine for maintenance and maintenance: as we all know, in the process of using the equipment, in addition to the normal use of proper operation, the equipment maintenance work is also indispensable. For steel wire drawing machine maintenance should be more attentively, mainly to do the following content.

for by the wear parts often focus on maintenance, such as must be regularly to the steel wire drawing machine motor bearing proper lubrication, guarantee good lubrication condition, in addition, if in the process of inspection found bearing wear serious, that need to be replaced new bearing, and regularly check the safe and reliable electrical parts work is normal. Also note that even if to check the equipment running status, such as found that the steel wire drawing machine you have any questions, be sure to handle in time. Include regular check pulley, knobs, buttons, if damaged, if found to have badly worn parts, should be replaced in a timely manner, and be submitted to spare parts supplement; Regularly check for wear repair each switch, wire drawing die, remember that in front of the computer according to the lubrication chart timing, fixed-point, quantitative add lubrication. To the equipment to provide a good working environment and working condition, should be regular cleaning, keep the steel wire drawing machine of machine tools clean sanitation, to have painted part to take appropriate anticorrosive measures. To ensure the safety work. Operators must master the knowledge, use the right way, allow of no other personnel operating steel wire drawing machine, must do ordinary work away from the machine stop, prevent accident to happen.

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