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Straight into the common problems of wire drawing machine and the daily maintenance and maintenance

by:HONTA     2020-04-06
The types of wire drawing machine is mainly divided into: dry type wire drawing machine, water tank wire drawing machine, straight into the type wire drawing machine, etc. , among them straight into the wire drawing machine wire drawing machine is a member of the very important, and the other wire drawing machine products irreplaceable, so engaged in wire drawing industry friends know straight into the structure of type wire drawing machine, operation method and the routine maintenance of very important. Below we introduce drawing machine of straight into the common problems and solutions in the operation process, 1) Straight into the type wire drawing machine, its running process, once appear abnormal, etc. , shall be immediately stop, and even can turn it off, so as to avoid serious consequences. And, when their work, can't be adjusted operating. ( 2) Wire drawing machine for maintenance, total power should be shut down equipment, then put up warning signs on the equipment, in order to avoid other people start by mistake or wrong operation, thus dangerous or cause an accident. ( 3) If drawing machine equipment to long time not to use, so the equipment total power should be closed, and compressed air, thus to ensure the security of the drawing machine of straight into. Drawing machine of straight into the conveyor belt and sand belt, do you need on a regular basis to adjust? Drawing machine of straight into the conveyor belt and abrasive belt is Buddha need adjustment according to actual usage decision, wire drawing machine of regular inspection and maintenance is very important, send belt and sand belt tightness is appropriate, not appropriate, should be adjusted immediately. Drawing machine of straight into the requirements for its operation and maintenance, so that we can further to learn, to master the knowledge content, but also can increase their utility in this respect, can more further in this field. A wire drawing machine, straight into the type of operation requirements 1. Before using wire drawing machine for processing, to read and be familiar with machining drawings, and some related technical data, so as not to appear in processing waste, or scrapped. 2. The direction of wire drawing and wire drawing sand belt should be properly identified and choice, there cannot be any mistakes. 3. Operators should wear gloves to work, and to the protection of the workpiece surface of some necessary. 4. Surface is not clean, then drawing operations are strictly prohibited. 5. The finished product after drawing, should pay attention to protect, to should take put down gently. Second, the drawing machine of straight into 1 of maintenance and administration. Daily maintenance ( 1) Equipment to be clean after each use, and some necessary checks. ( 2) Check and adjust of abrasive belt, for daily lubrication equipment. 2. Weekly maintenance in addition to the daily maintenance and inspection on the conveyor belt, the tension is appropriate. Drawing machine of straight into pull pull out the wire can be used in hot dip galvanized welded wire mesh, after dealing with the hot dip galvanized welded wire mesh of service life is long, hot dip galvanized welded wire mesh crack effect is very well in the construction industry.
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