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Summer how to maintenance of wire drawing machine

by:HONTA     2020-07-30

hot summer has come, we all know, is in different season, for equipment maintenance work should also have certain difference. For wire drawing machine, the weather in summer is higher, it will occur some changes to the requirement of maintenance, so you know how to do a good job in the summer of maintenance work? Below we will introduce this aspect of the content for you.

at the time of the summer, we need to adopt the method of targeted to do maintenance work. Because more rain in summer, so the indoor environment is wet, so it is easy to cause wire drawing machine equipment such as rust problem, especially in the key position, if the rust problem, will seriously affect its working performance. So we must pay attention to ensure the environment of dry. In addition, should also strengthen the wire drawing machine equipment cleaning and care. Be sure to arrange the staff to strengthen equipment cleaning and care, and attention should be paid to see the host as well as the surface of the bearing. If found to have abnormal problem, should be timely to take targeted measures to handle it. Shall do a good job, lubrication, of course, also ensure it to run properly. In addition to the above requirements several items, we also need to arrange wire drawing machine equipment working hours. Due to the higher temperature in summer, if long time continuous working, so it is easy to fail, but also will accelerate the aging. Seriously, even will cause some danger. So we had better be in use after a period of time, let the equipment rest for a period of time, and take some cooling measures. Outlined in the above content is about the wire drawing machine equipment maintenance requirements in the summer, hope the user friends can lay emphasis on this problem, and with reference to the content of the above, the maintenance work earnestly, to ensure that the wire drawing machine equipment to work normally.

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