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Talk about annealing method, the selection principle and purpose of what

by:HONTA     2020-08-18

refers to heat the metal annealing equipment, keep enough time, then cooling, with appropriate speed is usually slow cooling, sometimes is to control the cooling) A kind of metal heat treatment process. Annealing method, the selection principle of what is generally selected 1, hypereutectoid steel spheroidizing annealing, the request is not high, can choose annealing. Tool steel, bearing steel often choose spheroidizing annealing. Low carbon steel and medium carbon steel of cold extrusion and cold heading parts sometimes 2, all kinds of steel ball annealing annealing is generally selected, in order to shorten the annealing time, can choose three isothermal annealing, in order to eliminate all kinds of internal stress caused by the machining process, can choose to stress annealing; Z of large steel some senior high quality alloy steel, in order to improve the organizational structure and chemical composition of the inhomogeneity, often choose diffusion annealing 4, in order to eliminate the strain hardening, can choose recrystallization annealing objective 1, eliminate the residual stress, stable size, reduce the deformation and crack tendency 2, to reduce the hardness, improving cutting machining 3, uniform composition, organization and improve the material performance or do organization to prepare for after heat treatment. 4, refine the grain size, adjust, eliminate the above defects are related issues of annealing equipment, hope to be able to help you

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