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Talk about the specific spheroidizing annealing process have

by:HONTA     2020-08-19

annealing is a kind of metal heat treatment process, refers to the metal slowly heated to a certain temperature, keep enough time, and then cooling at appropriate rate. The purpose is to reduce the hardness and improve cutting machining; Eliminate residual stress, stable size, reduce the deformation and crack tendency of spheroidizing annealing process what 1, spheroidizing annealing cycle, applicable to the original organization for the piece of lamellar pearlite steel, the production cycle is shorter than the ordinary spheroidizing annealing, but under the condition of the equipment of large quantities of furnace charging, it is difficult to change the temperature according to the requirements of control, the reason is not widely used in production of 2, deformation, the spheroidizing annealing deformation processing of spheroidizing acceleration, combined deformation processing and spheroidizing, spheroidization time can be shortened. It is suitable for cold and hot forming deformation of steel and steel products ( Such as strip) 3, the isothermal spheroidizing annealing, is suitable for the majority of steel, especially difficult to spheroidizing steel and high quality demand of spheroidizing steel ( Such as rolling bearing steel) ; Its production cycle is shorter than the ordinary spheroidizing annealing, but need to be able to control cooling rate before the eutectoid transformation stove 4, ordinary ( Slow cooling) Spheroidizing annealing, slow cooling is suitable for the majority of steel grade, especially when furnace charging quantity, operation more convenient, but the production cycle is long 5, spheroidizing annealing at low temperature, suitable for cold deformation processing of steel and quenching hardened steel ( The latter is often referred to as high temperature softening temper) The above is the related matters of annealing equipment, hope to be able to help you

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