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The advantages of steel wire welding machine

by:HONTA     2020-08-17

several advantages: steel wire welding machine is practical, steel wire welding machine is a kind of high strength and high efficiency of reinforced concrete in building material, produced by factory automation production line will be needed, and the longitudinal and transverse of cold drawing and cold rolled steel with a certain distance between the vertical arrangement, intersection are all made of the resistance spot welding technology welding the steel piece together.

multi-purpose at ground level ground, road pavement and bridge deck pavement. Steel wire welding machine is to improve construction quality according to the trajectory design and technology of the general, generated by automatic production line, the production process strictly control the quality indexes such as the grid size, grid specifications, won't produce before bundling omissions, cut corners, etc. , so greatly improve the construction quality. To improve the efficiency of the engineering production using steel mesh could save field personnel bind time, favorable for concrete construction process, such as greatly shorten the time limit for a project. Improve crack resistance of steel welding net machine manufacturing through scientific design and strict production. Through current in complex reinforced intersection, whole grid spacing dimension, force uniform, uniform force on the concrete structure, the measures and technology can greatly improve the crack resistance.

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