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The automatic drawing machine maintenance steps on a regular basis

by:HONTA     2020-06-24

wire drawing machine is composed of wire drawing and winding, wire drawing department is composed of wire drawing wheel and mold fixed shelf, mold, wire through the mold after coiling on wire drawing wheel, when wire drawing wheel and winding wheel running, coiling wheel operation to provide the drawing of the wire tension, under the effect of traction tension, the wire, through the wire winding wire by wire drawing die, the wire from coarse to fine, so as to get a different gauge wire.

in the process of production, rod irregularly. Quality defects, which makes monofilament was all sorts of unpredictable tension in the wire drawing deformation pulled apart or cause drag mark. Less frequent when the situation in the rod material is good. Solution: according to the different mold fitting of different rod material selection scheme, trial and error in the production. For example in the production method of producing copper rod, 2. 53 mm monofilament need 8 wire drawing die, and the production of the same diameter of monofilament, if use rolling bar, should according to the requirements in the mold fitting one more piece of bridge model. Before production, to the production of copper rod to do fully self-check, found the quality defects of the copper rod in time, timely find corresponding countermeasures according to different situations, or reduce the drawing speed, or defective out this paragraph. Constantly observe the drawing of annealing in the production of electric current is normal, especially when just starting, paying special attention to the annealing current changes. According to the changes in line speed to adjust the size of the annealing current, and then make the annealing current gradually increased with the increase of wire speed, ensure the normal operation of the equipment. Believe that as long as in the actual production of the above points, the quality of the copper wire drawing products and production efficiency will have different degrees of, can better and faster for the next working procedure production provide strong guarantee. Automatic wire drawing machine in use process need to do maintenance on a regular basis. The following interpretation of the maintenance steps for you, every time after the start the machine: use after purification filtering compressed air purging wire drawing machine, pay attention to the conveyor belt cleaning on the surface of the inner surface and the worktable, sand cushion and sand belt surface can't have a foreign body, lest affect sanding precision. Regular purging and wipe the abrasive belt swing control component, photoelectric cell, and photoelectric switch, lest cause abrasive belt swing insensitive. Purging machine should start the dust collection device. Regularly check the compressed air filter to remove the filter of condensation. Work 40 hours after check pressure lodge air filter, loaded with plenty of lubricating oil. Work 200 hours after 1, open the base plate, apply grease to the worm gear and worm, sliding flexible. Check the narrow v-belt tensioning degree and degree of wear and tear. Check the machine conveyor belt tensioning degree. Check the flatness of workbench. Check the pneumatic brake pads wear ( When it is necessary to replace) 。

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