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The basic knowledge of loop type wire drawing machine

by:HONTA     2020-07-01

wire drawing machine has dominated the important position in modern industry, is now on the market of various types of wire drawing products emerge in endlessly. Then loop type wire drawing machine, in the quality of the wire drawing and drawing speed are got improved significantly. Below for everyone to make a brief introduction about the wire drawing machine of relevant knowledge.

actually, both from the structure and working principle analysis, we can put the loop type wire drawing machine as a kind of, on the basis of traditional products derived a device. In particular, is that it simplifies the wire walking the line between the drum, and in the process of drawing, to avoid the phenomenon of steel wire to produce axial torsion. Besides on the structure is optimized, its also has carried on the proper improvement on the equipment. Such as loop type wire drawing machine use dc motor, it can realize stepless speed regulation in large scale, expand the selection scope of elongation between drum, ensure the equipment running under the most reasonable working state. And in the process of drawing, to generate a tension for each drum or back pull. In loop tension and looping back pull of drawing, reducing the size of the drawing force, so as to prolong the service life of drawing die, also save the kinetic energy consumption. It has a very unique advantage, it is can be automatic speed control. When we usually understand for steel wire is in the limit of compression ratio and machine can force parameters of less than, as long as meet a proper conditions can be a kind of technology for any mold fitting machine can automatically adjust the complete drawing process. So, looping type wire drawing machine is very advanced wire drawing equipment, can also be used for drawing small specifications of the high strength steel and alloy steel wire. Although it has many advantages, in the actual application of loop type wire drawing machine fault and also many. As we know, the use of dc drive, the system structure is more complex, so the cost is higher, accordingly, maintenance costs are high, and maintenance difficulty is big. In addition, looping type wire drawing machine operation technical level is high.

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