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The choose and buy of inverted wire drawing machine equipment skills

by:HONTA     2020-07-12

a handstand type wire drawing machine is a kind of wire drawing equipment, it can also be divided into a number of different specifications and types, and the more common type, 800, 1000 and 1200. And inverted wire drawing machine production material is different, also have produced by using square steel is qualitative, also have the use of channel steel and other materials. So, the user how to choose?

normally, we in the choose and buy a handstand type wire drawing machine equipment, must be combined with their own actual need, need what kind of raw material processing, for example, how much of a size, to select suitable model. Then, actually should choose what kind of equipment? First of all, we have to choose the best manufacturers, to ensure the quality of the production of wire drawing equipment. Second, we can come and go from the perspective of market analysis, for example, we can choose the market reputation longer manufacturers products, finally combine our money, of course, to consider the price factor. Needing those who remind everybody is here, in the process of choose and buy, we can't to choose only by price factor inverted wire drawing machine equipment, should value equipment and overall quality. And because our actual production condition and production requirement is different, so we need to ensure that the selected device can satisfy the use requirement. Such as if is used for drawing large diameter steel, so as the strength of the drawing is bigger, so need to choose the frame with a material is solid inverted wire drawing machine equipment. In addition, we also need to consider the inverted wire drawing machine with the motor, and after-sales service quality. Normally, if it is a processing different diameter of reinforcing steel bar, or a different type of inverted wire drawing machine, will need to be equipped with suitable power of motor.

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