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The common factors affecting the quality of galvanized speed and have?

by:HONTA     2020-08-23

what common factors affecting the quality of galvanized speed and 1, solution temperature is low when the corresponding reduced at low temperature distribution of current density, the deposition rate of electroless plating must be reduced 2, the plating area is insufficient to estimate when plating distribution of current density too small 3, additive content in the plating solution is low low additive content will affect the dispersion ability, local too thin coating 4, artifacts, reduce the deposition potential of hydrogen corrosion, accelerate the current efficiency of the surface activity of hydrogen evolution is reduced, thus affecting the zinc deposition rate. Should add the right amount of corrosion inhibitor in acid pickling solution, local area thick with mechanical method to remove oxide skin, the acid pickling process check 5, artifacts of suspension method and zinc anode spacing is too large, should adjust the position 6, conductive adverse current in the conductor consumption, distribution to the front of the 7, too little electricity on the surface of the workpiece processing incomplete surface oxidation film, affect the normal zinc deposit 8 colligation too close when galvanized workpiece, workpiece local blocked 9, artifacts caused by coating a thin high carbon content of high carbon steel, cast iron pieces will reduce the deposition potential of hydrogen, the acceleration of the surface activity of hydrogen evolution, current efficiency reduce 10, the content of sodium hydroxide sodium hydroxide higher content in the plating solution when the high current efficiency corresponding to reduce the above are related issues of galvanized equipment, hope to be able to help you.

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