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The common problems in the process of automatic drawing machine operation

by:HONTA     2020-06-25

automatic wire drawing machine is widely used in machinery manufacturing, metal processing, petrochemical, plastics, wood products, wire and cable and other industries. Well, here's automatic wire drawing machine the common problems in the process of operation. Due to the automatic wire drawing machine main motor gearbox of the wear and tear caused by long-term use. This can make the drawing of the metering speed and haulage speed and linear velocity does not match, forming a monofilament la fine.

solution: the automatic wire drawing machine wire storing device for good lubrication, avoid reverse its operate at a high speed of the line of the friction force and make the line of fine. Store the instability of line tension on the wheel. Production workshop USES may be more pressure, which can cause wire drawing machine age when the pressure of the pump is small, it make the thread tension is not constant, and as a result of the take-up speed is constant, this makes the drawing by pulling force is not constant value, which can cause monofilament diameter deviation can't accurate control. Solution: adjust the line tension, make drawing schedule is always close to the annealing wheel. Copper wire on the annealing wheel tremor. When the copper wire in loose when close under the state of annealing, annealing of age when current density is small, and the strength of the copper wire at high speed is relatively low, so easy to cause in annealed copper wire wheel lighter, make the surface of the copper wire due to the effect of spark wire diameter is not uniform. Solution: to ensure that the annealing wheel rims in good condition, avoid the rims of the surface defects and make the annealing current is not stable. Automatic wire drawing machine simple operation, high efficiency, is widely used in hardware, automobile, furniture, toys, etc. Automatic wire drawing machine automation control level is high, easy to adjust machine, easy to operate, no need to hold professional and technical personnel machine, saving labor costs. The machine processing products range, as long as according to the different product replacement fixtures, can process many kind of product, realize multi-usage. Can be equipped with dust removal equipment, no pollution, environmental health. Automatic wire drawing machine can work 24 hours a day, and greatly improve the work efficiency. Compared with the manual polishing machine, automatic polishing machine has high efficiency, superior quality, stable performance, control not by man but by machine, etc. But the price is high, in view of the products, Mainly for iron products) 。

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