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The comparison of several common wire drawing machine

by:HONTA     2020-07-10

in the market, we can see there are many different models are different specifications for different types of wire drawing machine equipment, to provide our customers friend also made a lot of choice. So, for these different wire drawing machine equipment, do not know everybody how much understand? In fact, only after fully understanding, only when we are choosing wiredrawing equipment.

then, we will choose several common wire drawing equipment to simple introduce for everybody, provide certain reference for the choose and buy of you. First of all, to introduce the pulley wire drawing machine, compared with other devices, the device structure is simple, and convenient operation and maintenance and so on, the price is more economic. In fact, its main advantage is the price, in general, is mainly used in drawing, specifications, quality and strength are not high requirement of low carbon steel wire and other metal wire, etc. The second to introduce wiredrawing equipment is double mandrel wire drawing machine. Compared with other similar equipment, the equipment is one of the biggest advantage is that the cooling effect is good. However, its in the operation of the equipment to be a little more complicated than the first one, and production speed also did not get obvious improvement. However, its in the quality of the drawing has made a certain progress. But also a good control of the steel wire of the reverse problem, but also improved the cooling effect on the reel. This equipment is mainly used in drawing wire, small specifications. The last one to introduce the wiredrawing equipment called loop type wire drawing machine. The device's main advantage is that it only need to consume little energy and at the same time can significantly extend the service life of drawing die. The equipment is greatly simplifies the wire walking the line between the drum, so can ensure the speed of drawing. Normally, the equipment is mainly used for drawing small specifications of the high strength steel and alloy steel wire, etc. Of course, there are many other wiredrawing equipment in the market, all in all, different users can according to their own needs to choose the most suitable wire drawing machine equipment, hope to be able to help to you.

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