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The composition of the wire drawing machine, process and basic understanding

by:HONTA     2020-03-31
Wire drawing equipment made by 10 single wire drawing machine. Each machine has its own alone of reducer, motor, belt transmission, wire drawing pot, mother, etc. Received take-up adopts double disk line, driven by a torque motor, the torque controller to control the take-up pan speed and tension. Wiring system USES light poles stepless ribbon cable, wire drawing machine pay-off for a squirrel-cage natural pay-off stand, drawing machine equipment control system consists of ten of the inverter through a single action, linkage potentiometer to control the speed of wire drawing machine, wire drawing machine wire drawing lubricant by special oil circulation system. Wire drawing machine installation requirements: 1, familiar with machinery technical workers by the installation of equipment. 2, installed circular pipe line as required. 3, motor, electric appliance must be good grounding as required. 4, pedal switch is used to wearing mould of head. ; Wire drawing machine can also lead to 6, and 8 sets for 1 set, can according to user needs. If the license of the factory area of two machines distance is 200 ~ 400 mm is appropriate, but 10 sets of shortest length is 12 meters. Equipment installation according to the foundation. Check whether the bearing lubricating oil is enough, transmission gear oil injection until right amount, to check whether there is loose, the screw drawing pot silk part whether smooth, inching switch whether to forward, after the check, try to do the production. Wire rod drawing machine - - - - - - - Metallurgical industry essentials in metallurgical industry - a round wire drawing machine is an important equipment for the production of metal wire, the main function is to all kinds of wire to form required for a variety of specifications of the filaments. Wire rod drawing machine, the most widely used and most representative, the following will offer round wire drawing machine process were introduced. Instructions: (wire rod drawing machine process 1) Pay-off: wire drawing machine wire feeding process, for the whole link of wire drawing machine, its control had high precision requirements, dual frequency conversion control of wire drawing machine, using linear Zhang Litong disc stretching of drawing part, also is through the process after the drawing tension automatic alignment. ; ( 2) Drawing: different metal materials, different product precision and requirement, drawing link is very different, drawing part is controlled by a main motor ( Known as the host) , guided by the metal wire through internal cone, after mold and gradually stretch at all levels, in order to achieve the required specifications of the wire. In drawing at the same time, open the cooling fluid to the mold cooling. ; ( 3) Winding, winding for double frequency wire drawing machine is the most key link, the decisive influence on the performance of the wire drawing machine, wire drawing and test the performance of the electrical system of the important basis. Winding drive by a winding motor winding plate with winding, wire rod by drawing parts out by swinging rod tension, tension swinging rod is used for feedback signal to the current tension from the machine, the deviation from machine according to the feedback signal to regulate output frequency, in order to ensure constant tension in winding process. ; Wire rod by swinging rod tension rises to a guide roller, and then were led to a line machine roller, row line machine driven by a separate small motor movement, function is to arrange wire symmetrical on winding plate; Winding motor drive winding circle turns, the guided by wiring machine automatic wire winding on the winding disc. To the complete the whole winding process. When winding abnormal break line, the system will automatically stop and open the brake fast parking charge reel. For wire drawing machine, believe you see these three words, is not strange, because in front of this aspect of knowledge, and its learning and understanding, is always going on. So, might as well to strike while the iron is hot, below so that we can have a further understanding, on the product, and at the same time, to increase their utility. 1. Aluminum wire drawing machine, how to reduce the dust? This, for aluminium wire drawing machine this kind of wire drawing machine, it is not difficult, as long as the use of dust collecting equipment to collect dust filter, can be very good to achieve the above purpose. And, also can to reduce the dust content in the air. So, the operation is simple and convenient. 2. In wire drawing machine, if heated, so to avoid any questions? And, for polypropylene pull wire drawing machine, how to effectively improve? First of all, for the heating wire drawing machine operation, we should avoid, to prevent the phenomenon such as uneven heating. Because, if uneven heating, then leads to plastic melting is not uniform, etc. , in turn, lead to problems. For the improvement of polypropylene tension wire drawing machine, in general, can be in add a small amount of polyethylene polypropylene. To enhance its toughness and impact resistance, thus to achieve a goal. 3. Wire drawing machine itself, if there is a mechanical failure, or a short circuit, it can be judged by what? And, in the use of operation, do you need some professional knowledge? If, wire drawing machine itself exists mechanical failure, or a short circuit problem, then, we can through some mechanical or electrical theory knowledge, to do judgment. In addition, for wire drawing machine operation, and some other aspects of the work, suggest that there are some professional theory knowledge, so that to develop smoothly and work, and avoid some problems or troubles, thus, to improve the performance of the use of wire drawing machine and its use effect.
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