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The difference between the flat wire drawing machine and surface of wire drawing machine

by:HONTA     2020-07-26
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about the wire drawing machine, is now very generalization, through wire drawing machine processing products are reflected in all walks of life, are popular with many users. Home today wire drawing factory is mainly to introduce about the two different structure of the device, a flat equipment, the other is a surface equipment, now let's see what are the differences between the two.

surface of wire drawing machine is introduced, this kind of equipment in the present is very popular, not only in terms of job performance is good, and simple to use and maintenance. That involves the surface needs to be processed into silking flat plate, you can use the surface wire drawing machine equipment to complete. Therefore, its applicable scope is quite widespread, mainly include the industry are: aluminum alloy craftwork factory, stainless steel pieces of craft factory, copper process factory, VCD factory, speaker factory, chassis, cabinets, lock, heat sink, etc. The surface of the panel wire drawing processing. Nowadays, flat wire drawing machine has been a lot of old friends of manufacturer, has brought great convenience for the drawing work, also save more cost for the enterprise, and create higher profits. About flat wire drawing machine is introduced: this device also has a very good production performance, the majority of cases, it is used for used for various on the surface of the metal wiredrawing, sweeping lines, such as aluminum, aluminum and stainless steel plate, etc. Can use wet processing makes the production process more green environmental protection, low noise, more safety, to ensure that the processing time invariant. After a flat wire drawing machine wire drawing processing, workpiece surface texture rendering clear straight hair silking, surface level off, smooth, visual effect is good, the workpiece more aesthetic feeling, seems to have qualitative feeling more. If, after fulfilling the drawing work has further processing, it can also increase the value of the product, make it have stronger market competitiveness. Such as in the use of flat wire drawing machine wire drawing then and then to oxidation treatment, can achieve this requirement.

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