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The difference between the inverted wire drawing machine and horizontal drawing machine

by:HONTA     2020-07-15

a handstand type wire drawing machine wire drawing and winding and wire drawing machine, inverted wire drawing machine adopt gantry frame structure, take-up blanking plate in the gantry directly, while drawing the reinforced harvest after drawing 2 tons of the market, and it is by falling material on line, at the time of the next open book pay-off not twine, is more suitable for open book after reprocessing. Inverted wire drawing machine used in large diameter wire rod drawing more, suitable for processing range Φ 12 - Φ 30 mm plate of round bar.

horizontal wire drawing machine also has the function of the line, but because of its structure characteristics of the cantilever eccentric, only suitable for small heavy volume, are below 300 kg per disc, wheel take-up machine can also be used 500 kg - 2000 kg of the market is expected. But the horizontal wire drawing machine has its own advantages, is can produce and straightening machine attachment, drawing directly to scale out straight at the same time. Horizontal wire drawing machine for small diameter of wire rod steel drawing more, suitable for processing range Φ 6. 5 - Φ 16 mm plate of round bar. I companies can customize according to customer's large horizontal wire drawing machine to realize the large diameter Φ 18 Φ 30 mm wire rod drawing straightening length of production line, has a mature experience, the reasonable configuration scheme, the successful customer cases. Our company is specialized in r&d and production of cold-rolled cold-drawn mechanical, specialization of production, rich manufacturing experience, more have a certain advantage, good at solving problems encountered in various special wire drawing industry, our company has a handstand type wire drawing machine, horizontal wire drawing machine, even cans of wire drawing machine, water tank wire drawing machine, the production of wire drawing machine of all kinds of form a complete set of machinery, hydraulic sheller, pickling phosphorus removal machine, straightening machine without error, etc. Is the standard parts, fasteners, hardware processing enterprises of good choice.

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