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The high speed wire drawing machine mold how to maintain

by:HONTA     2020-06-19

crawler everyone should know, wire drawing machine mould due to the frequent use, therefore, is likely to appear different degree of wear and tear. And if we want to keep it a long time use, you will need to take some measures for maintenance and maintenance, to effectively extend the service life. So, for the wire drawing machine users, how do we make maintenance and maintenance?

among them, we need to pay special attention to is for high-speed wire drawing machine mould maintenance work. This is because, compared with ordinary equipment, its speed faster, so more prone to wear and tear problems. And in the process of long time of use, homework always by the strong erosion of different wire and die wall friction, so, over time, there will be more serious wear and tear. Normally, often where the entrance of the material to form a small dent. This will bring some negative impact on our production. At work, if we met this problem, you need to. Otherwise if left unattended, so there may be more serious consequences. So, once found high-speed wire drawing machine equipment drawing die ring groove, it is necessary to take measures to repair in time, in order to avoid loss increase, will eventually lead to mold collapse completely crushed scrap. So, as a user, if you want to avoid it, you will need to for high-speed wire drawing machine equipment usage, formulate a set of feasible daily maintenance specification and carefully executed. Operation, if found template must wear happens, should be used temporarily, and polishing processing, such ability can be used to restore template as soon as possible to the original performance, meets the requirement.

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