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The improved wire drawing machine can really achieve energy saving

by:HONTA     2020-07-04

at present, the common on the market of wire drawing machine, when use, due to the heating mode, cause there are a lot of electrical energy is consumed. We know that it USES a resistance type electric heating coil heating mode, this way of heating, heat transfer on cylinder, in the process of the transfer, often lose a significant portion of the heat.

these wasted heat, is through the power in the past, is also wasted a lot of power, not only such, resistance wire heating has a drawback, power density is low, does not apply to some higher requirements for temperature environment. And now are pursuing the development of green environmental protection, energy conservation, as a result, the improved wire drawing machine adopt the method of electromagnetic heater to heat, can save at least seventy percent of its electricity, save energy. Actually, this kind of electromagnetic heating coil heating principle is very simple, it reduces the need to pass in the middle of the link, and the material selected from the insulation materials and high temperature cable, more durable, warming faster, do not need to repair at the same time, the research and development of a new generation of controller, let the wire drawing machine is more stable, more low failure rate, can save a lot of cost for the enterprise. In comparison, the improved wire drawing machine in the process of heating, the need of heating time is greatly reduced, is enhanced production efficiency, can reduce more than sixty percent of the time the preheating; Direct heating, electromagnetic heating is wrapped in a layer of high temperature in the cylinder surface heat preservation cotton, cotton insulation around the electromagnetic wire, use electromagnetic induction to make produce eddy current heating cylinder, in this case, the power consumed by a few. Therefore, this kind of fast and efficient way of heating, with high efficiency and energy saving and convenient insulation device, a combination of these will achieve maximize the purpose of reducing wear and tear, in order to achieve substantial energy saving effect. According to the statistics, use the way of heating and the energy conversion efficiency of up to 90 ~ 95%. In addition, it greatly reduces the traditional heating mode to wire drawing machine with unsafe factors.

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