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The improvement of high-speed water tank type wire drawing machine

by:HONTA     2020-06-19

in the work of the past, there is customer reflected in using water tank type wire drawing machine equipment, often encountered such a problem: cone pulley wear scrap is frequent, wire lubrication layer is easy to damage, a lot of the mould and so on. When there is the problem, often can seriously affect the normal of the drawing work, so we need to take some measures to avoid such problems as much as possible.

for this situation, we after the analysis, combined with the drawing characteristics such as principle of the tension, so as to develop a can with water tank type wire drawing machine to form a complete set of slip-ring planetary rolling wheel drawing. After using this device, because of its friction torque can rely on a planet wheel drawing force, and can make the wire produces drawing lines. As a result, lead line and sliding exist at the same time. So, in the process of work, can not only ensure the wire tightly around the slip ring, make its and drawing of wheel body synchronized motion state, but also makes the slip ring on the planet wheel rolling freely, to avoid the wire on the cone of sliding friction. By comparison, after using this device, can make the water tank type wire drawing machine to improve the productivity of about 44%, and the workers load coefficient is greatly reduced. In addition, you can effectively improve the service life of drawing die. , of course, but also improved the drawing surface quality of the product. And in the process of high speed drawing for phi 9 into line. 5 mm aluminum wire drawing electrician, we usually require water tank type wire drawing machine speed can reach more than 30 m/s; For phi 1 LMM of 82 b wire into the line, the line 94. The speed of the 22 mm record is 12 m/s. Therefore, high speed production of high quality steel wire requires comprehensive conditions. So, what are the factors that affect the effect of high speed drawing? How do we break through? Due to water tank type wire drawing machine running speed is higher, and the drawing of The Times from several times to 20 times, can realize the compression of a large quantity, thus in the process of drawing, we need to try to control the flatness.

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