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The inevitability of automatic wire drawing machine wire drawing die wear

by:HONTA     2020-06-26

automatic wire drawing machine the whole structure by 12 mm steel plate bending forming, structure and firm, not easy to deformation. Below, to introduce the new automatic wire drawing machine structure. Conveying system: consists of transmission gear motor, conveyor belt, transmission wheel, conveyor belt tightness is adjustable, simple operation, conveyor installed inverter can be stepless speed regulation.

abrasive belt system: active and passive chakras are the dynamic and static balance correction. Roller surface design heatsink, heat dissipation. Roller conveying mechanism: roller installed on both sides of the main iron, USES the spring force structure, provide smooth feeding. Lifting system startup - automatic wire drawing machine adopts four-column lifting mechanism, equipped with both electric and manual operation mode. Abrasive belt deviation rectification system: adopting advanced imported photoelectric control system, can accurately control the trajectory of the operation of the abrasive belt, prevent sand belt running deviation. Brakes: open skin when playing sand in case of abrasive belt running or broken belt and other barriers to the abrasive belt is broken, and the insurance travel switch on both sides of the abrasive belt is abrasive belt run into the host immediately without electricity the emergency brake, protecting abrasive belt and the functions of the machine. Air supply system: the source system from external sources, duplex, pipes, cylinders, air pressure to zero. 55Mpa. Cooling system: the birdbath, water tank, water pump device, add water oil cooling grinding cycle. Power supply system: power supply voltage is 380 v, 50 hz ac power. Safety protection system: with overload, over-current, limit, abrasive belt running deviation, expired, scram protection device. Is drawing die wire drawing machine one of the indispensable parts in the process of equipment operation, but after long-term use, will find that the abrasion of the mold wall is more serious. As a result, is bound to adversely affect the quality of drawing. The emergence of wire drawing die wear phenomenon is not only the inevitable result of the use for a long time, but also with automatic wire drawing machine specific structure design. Wire drawing die after a large number of production use, because of the friction and wear and tear or produce plastic deformation and fatigue crack, slowly to normal life after failure belongs to the normal phenomenon, for normal failure. Mold design using the specified period of time has not been achieved, both produce the early damage such as collapse edge, broken, broken; Or because of the serious wear and plastic deformation can't continue to serve, to early failure. For early failure of the mold, it is necessary to find the reasons, to take remedial measures.

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