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The influencing factors of galvanized effect have

by:HONTA     2020-08-24

refers to the electroplating contain salts in the solution of metallized, to be metal plating substrate as cathode, through electrolysis, the desire of metallized cation in the plating solution on the metal surface deposition, the matrix form of coating a surface processing method. Coating performance is different from the base metal, with new features. According to the function of the coating can be divided into protective coating, decorative coating and other functional coatings. What factors affecting the effects of galvanized wire galvanizing has galvanized wire surface coarser galvanized iron wire to produce this kind of failure, first check the temperature and current density, and then through the analysis of the plating solution, determine and adjust the content of zinc plating solution and sodium hydroxide, DPE content is low, can be understand by hull cell test. If coating roughness is not the above reasons, it may be caused by impurities of plating solution can take a small amount of plating solution, filtered do Ⅰ experiment was carried out, then take a small amount of plating solution, experimenting on zinc powder processed, check if failure is solid particles or copper, lead, and other different metal impurities, item by item, test, it is not difficult to find the cause of the failure. Galvanized wire in the plating solution with solid particles; If the edges of parts rough phenomenon is relatively serious, may be the current density is too large; If zinc coating is good, but in 3% nitric acid in the light, there is shadow on coating, passivation film appear when tan, may be in galvanized liquid has the different metal impurities such as copper or lead. Galvanized wire passivation membrane brightness reach reason is galvanized wire plating solution temperature is too high; Cathode current density is too large, the zinc content in the plating solution is too high or low content of sodium hydroxide and DPE; There are solid particles or the metal impurities in plating solution too much cause passivation membrane in brightness. Galvanized iron wire is usually USES the method of alkaline zinc galvanizing, some will encounter rough coating or passivation film without light, it seriously affects the quality of the galvanized iron wire, galvanized equipment above related matters, hope to be able to help you

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