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The inverter on wire drawing equipment plays a huge role

by:HONTA     2020-04-13
Speaking of wire drawing machine, by name we can almost guess their specific work, drawing, its main purpose is the metal wire, such as stainless steel wire, copper wire by wire drawing equipment such as the diameter smaller, said clear point is pull wire directly is fine, but make it sound so simple, but for the drawing device specific work link is very complicated. Very many different kinds of wire drawing equipment, is one of the most important in cable manufacturing processing equipment, according to the classification, wire drawing machine can be divided into water tank type wire drawing machine, straight into the type wire drawing machine, pulley of wire drawing machine, inverted wire drawing machine, whatever the wire drawing machine, one of the most important in the whole drawing equipment spare parts is the frequency converter. Inverter in have long been used in wire drawing equipment, but with the continuous development of frequency control of motor speed technology, the quality of the inverter and the technology is also relative to ascend, the inverter is widely used in wire drawing equipment, its main function is to control the speed of drawing and yarn tension in the process of drawing, the application of frequency converter, speed regulation to the traditional artificial wiredrawing equipment gradually towards the wiredrawing equipment automation level, and improve the working efficiency, reduce the unit energy consumption and maintenance cost of wire drawing equipment, is widely used in the cable industry and identity. Wiredrawing equipment work process mainly includes three steps: pay-off, wire drawing, line, here we simply know the workflow wiredrawing equipment: 1. Pay-off means working in wire drawing equipment is wire feeding process, in the process of alignment, the wiredrawing equipment meets the requirements for the precision of the feeding speed is not particularly high, in the process of taking the mainly by frequency converter drive motorized pay-off work of wire drawing machine, but not all of the wire drawing machine pay-off work has a frequency converter to drive, there is also a part of the dual-frequency wire drawing machine the alignment process is affects by the tension of the silk thread in the process of wire drawing to implement pay-off work, so can free pay-off. 2. Wire drawing process is one of the most important tache in wire drawing equipment, the quality of different metal wire and wire to wire drawing process is different, we speak before drawing machine working principle and key processes. 3. Take-up link is the whole drawing equipment is relatively difficult to control steps in the process of work, work in the sectors of take-up speed directly determines the wiredrawing equipment working efficiency, working in the line with a synchronous control and tension control to realize the metal wire folios work, experience and proficiency in the process directly determines the efficiency and quality.
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