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The lubrication characteristics of flat steel cold rolling mill

by:HONTA     2020-08-23

the lubrication characteristics of flat steel cold rolling mill, the composition of flat steel cold rolling mill: the main equipment includes rolling mill stand, and its balance device, universal joint shaft gear stand, main shafts, reducer, motor shafts and motor and leading position, before and after rolling guide, etc.

flat steel mill processing lubrication cooling medium: commonly used in steel rolling process, in order to reduce the friction between the rolling kun and rolled products, reduce the rolling force and power consumption, easy rolling, controlled rolling temperature, improve the quality of rolled products, must be in rolling kun and rolling contact surface between the joining process lubrication cooling medium. Basic requirements for lubrication cooling medium rolling mill process are: appropriate oily. Good cooling capacity; Good oxidation stability, anti-rust property and physical and chemical indicators of stability; Filter performance is good, Kun and the rolled products surface has a good rinse clean effect; Of cold-rolled strip annealing performance is good; Does not harm the human health; Easy to get oil source, low cost. Lubrication rolling mill process cooling medium variety, different rolled products require different forms of media; Here a brief introduction is as follows. Rolling aluminum tape, aluminum foil material, cooling and lubrication with doping kerosene medium. 45-1700 cold rolling mill of wisco, rolling emulsion summer 50-50 ℃, winter 55 ℃, the emulsion quality score of 1. 2 - 4. 5%, the highest in the mass fraction of 7%, commonly used for more than 30%. Rolling thin with some high concentrations, thick with some low concentrations. The emulsified oil every 8 hours to check the PH, the mass fraction of, iron soap indicators, once a week for a comprehensive analysis of test.

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