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The performance characteristics of galvanized iron wire equipment

by:HONTA     2020-08-12

the performance characteristics of galvanized iron wire equipment galvanized iron wire equipment is mainly used in what place? What features it has? Let's take a look at the specific introduction below. After the performance characteristics of the galvanized iron wire: galvanized parts surface bright and beautiful. With iron - Zinc alloy layer, in combination with dense, oceanic salt fog in the atmosphere and industrial atmosphere unique corrosion resistance performance.

pure is the richest in hot dip galvanized zinc layer and plastic layer of the galvanized layer, basic close to the nature of pure zinc, ductility, so it is very flexible. Because the zinc has good ductility, and its base alloy layer and steel adhesion strong, so hot dipped a cold can be rushed, rolling, drawing, bending and forming without damage to the coating; Zinc - because of the combination of solid Iron miscibility, strong wear resistance. Galvanized wire steel structures after galvanizing, equivalent to an annealing treatment, can effectively improve the mechanical properties of the steel matrix, to eliminate the stress of steel forming welding, for steel structure for turning processing. Has the thicker the density of pure zinc coat on steel surface, it can avoid the corrosion of the steel substrate with any solution of the contact, to protect the steel substrate from corrosion. In general the atmosphere, form a layer on the surface of zinc layer is very thin and dense surface of the zno layer, it is difficult to dissolve in water, therefore, plays a certain protective effect to steel substrate. If zinc oxide with other components in the atmosphere to generate insoluble zinc salt, the corrosion effect is more ideal. More about galvanized iron wire equipment problems, you can contact our professional technical consulting on it.

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