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The problem of wire drawing machine wire break

by:HONTA     2020-08-06

users in dedusting wire drawing machine equipment, will inevitably encounter problems such as break line. Cause the cause of the problem includes lots of. In order to help you better solve this problem, we today is to analyze the reasons for everyone, and will give you some advice. Let's look at some of the specific content together.

the first reason is the joint not firm, if it is for this reason, so we should timely adjustment of welding current, the top pressure and electric parameter Settings such as time, thereby improving the quality of welding; The second reason is due to the use of wire containing some inclusions, thus result in wire drawing machine equipment drawing wire is broken. If it is for this reason, we should strengthen the acceptance of the electrodes in the production management. The third reason is the choice of distribution mode does not conform to the requirements. For this problem, we should promptly to choice, combined with the actual technological requirements, the appropriate adjustment mode of allocation, thereby eliminating the phenomenon of deformation degree is too large or too small; The fourth reason is because the tension is too large. Usually, wire drawing machine equipment of pay-off tension shall be controlled within a certain range, and cone winding turns to be reasonable. The fifth reason is due to the unreasonable choice of shape of die hole, or the smoothness is not in conformity with the requirements. So, we must strictly abide by the standards make line mold repair, the workspace deformation Angle should ensure that meets the requirement of wire drawing machine wire sizing area not too long, after polishing die finish to meet the requirements. The sixth reason is due to inadequate pickling. At that time, we should readjust acid temperature, concentration, strengthen irrigation and neutralization. In addition, there is a very important reason, may also lead to wire drawing machine broken wires of the problem, that is used by the billet quality is bad. In this case, we should strengthen the inspection of the intermediate links, unqualified wire billets shall not flow into the next process.

Wow, this sounds like a bit of a cruel question, but it is a vitally important question to ask yourself if you are struggling with your cable making equipment and you would like to stop the wire drawing machine problem.
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