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The purpose of the galvanized iron wire

by:HONTA     2020-08-14

commonly known as galvanized iron wire, galvanized wire is divided into cold heat zinc wire and galvanized iron wire, by low carbon steel wire rod by drawing, rust removing, annealing, cooling process is complete. Its biggest characteristics is a toughness and elasticity, and is widely used in construction, handicrafts, packaging and daily fields. Galvanized iron wire specification points very much, 8 #, 10 #, 12 #, 14 #, 16 #, etc. , introduces some USES.

BWG5 # - After 28 # electric galvanized wire, can be achieved by processing can reach more than 25 #, due to its strong antioxidant capacity, bai used highway fence and wire mesh in the making. Hot dip galvanized wire # 5 - 28 #, due to the high plasticity, corrosion resistance is strong, the amount of zinc can be up to 360 g/m2, and was deeply loved by customers friends, too. Bound with wire is used # 22, this kind of galvanized iron wire with low zinc plating processing, cold flexibility is good, price cheap, is dedicated to building bundles. And line also is a kind of galvanized iron wire, the weight is very big, each volume from 100 to 1000 kilograms, mainly by workers, farmers, and animal husbandry. Also have very high request to the operation of the galvanized iron wire, use protective eye at work, it is forbidden to shove down, it is forbidden to in acid water, in case of spill coil must handle with, if not reach requirement, will not be allowed to produce.

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