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The safety of the welding operation

by:HONTA     2020-08-27

countertops transport materials with lower level of the blade and the length of the table can be determine according to processing material length. Processing, long steel should have specialist support, and listen to the operator command, push-pull arbitrarily. Start, must check the cutter should be no crack, head bolts, shield. Then turn the pulley by hand, check the gear backlash, adjust the cutting knife gap.

after the start, idle running, check the transmission part and bearing working properly, before operation. Mechanical may blanking when did not reach the normal speed. Must be used in cutting, the position of the cutter, reinforced on the blade quickly into clenched, the operator should stand at the side of the fixed blade force pressure bar, should prevent the steel bar end pop-up cuts. It is forbidden to hold reinforced with two points on either side of the blade leaning over feeding. Shall not shear diameter and strength more than machinery nameplate steel and red-hot steel. A cutting steel bar, the more the total cross-sectional area shall be within the prescribed scope. Shear low alloy steel, high hardness cutter should be changed, shear diameter should comply with the regulations of machinery nameplate. Cut short material, close to the distance between the blade in his hands and the blade should be kept more than 150 mm, such as hand side is less than 400 mm, the application of casing or jig will be reinforced short head pressure or clip. Are strictly prohibited during operation by hand directly eliminate nearby beheaded and sundry, reinforced swing around and not operation personnel shall not stay near the edge. Is abnormal when found machinery, have abnormal sound or cutter deflection, should immediately stop overhaul. Behind the maintenance must stop, to cut off the power supply can be carried out. Hydraulic transmission type cutting machine work before, should check and confirm the hydraulic oil level and direction of rotation motor meets the requirements. After start-up, should no-load running, open pine oil valve, net of air inside the hydraulic cylinder, before being cut. Before using manual hydraulic cutting machine, oil drain valve should be tighten, clockwise cutting finished, should immediately press anticlockwise unscrew. Job, should hold steady hand cutter, and good wear insulating gloves. Homework should be cut off power supply, steel brush cutter to reduce clutter, on the clean lubrication.

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