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The source of the automatic drawing machine noise analysis and prevention

by:HONTA     2020-06-26

automatic wire drawing machine is one of the most widely used in industrial applications of mechanical equipment, mainly used in machinery manufacturing, metal processing, petrochemical, plastics, wood products, wire and cable and other industries. Automatic wire drawing machine work mainly through the pay-off, wire drawing, winding, the completion of the entire process.

pay-off: for the wire drawing machine work link, wire drawing machine wire alignment process without the requirement of high precision, dual frequency conversion control of wire drawing machine, by using the drawing link thread tension disc stretching, or automatically by the tension pay-off stand pay-off. Wire drawing: different metal materials, different products and precision requirement, drawing link is very different, drawing part is controlled by a main motor, guided by the metal wire through internal cone, after mold and gradually stretch at all levels, in order to achieve the required specifications of the wire. In drawing at the same time, open the cooling fluid to the mold cooling. Winding, winding for automatic wire drawing machine is the most key link, the wire drawing machine performance decisive influence, is also a test wire drawing machine the important basis of electrical properties. Automatic automatic wire drawing machine wire drawing machine use believe that everybody is met, make some noise in the process of its operation, this has become one of the pollution of the environment. Therefore solve the automatic wire drawing machine noise problem is also a difficult point, take a look at it more together under the common control methods: first of all to analyze automatic wire drawing machine in the process of running the main noise source, noise in the operation of the gear meshing is one of them, because the gear mesh surface wear, the gear assembly process exists in the excessive lateral clearance is too large, causing large mesh noise when driving. Aiming at this phenomenon, as long as the gear backlash appropriate adjustments, and to ensure that each pair of gears to keep sufficient lubricity. In addition, the automatic wire drawing machine chassis cover loose also can produce noise, so want to fastening casing cover. In order to reduce the influence of noise on human body, and operators can wear appropriate protective tools, but in order to fundamentally solve the automatic wire drawing machine of the noise problem, is to strengthen the inspection and maintenance of equipment.

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