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The specific situation of inverted wire drawing machine

by:HONTA     2020-07-13

a handstand type wire drawing machine is unique in its main application is underperforming the heavy no reverse operations in a row, thanks to its ability to work at the same time to complete the drawing and take-up, so at the time of operation play computer simplifies the workflow. Normally, this kind of equipment to the high, medium and low carbon steel wire, can also be drawing special steel wire, stainless steel wire and thick specifications non-ferrous metal wire, etc.

from the current situation, the inverted type wire drawing machine equipment especially in drawing standard products and shelf manufacturing and other fields, but also has outstanding effect. The equipment of the transmission system is made up of strong transmitte narrow V belt and standard of reducer drive, which mainly includes the components have double enveloping worm gear pair, cycloidal pinwheel reducer, planetary gear reducer and hard tooth surface reducer, etc. So we in the use of this kind of wire drawing equipment, shall comply with what procedures? First of all, we must ensure the inverted wire drawing machine equipment of each lubrication part after sufficient lubrication nursing; Secondly also check whether a link in the different parts in good condition, whether is loose. When the trolley line, traction in place, to lay down their claws, to dial the claw to join up with the fall line frame. After through to the appropriate power supply in accordance with the requirements, and then open exchange of main motor, the first trial run for a while, and then drawing die in the die box. Then put the steel wire wear into the mold and compaction, then put one end of the wire clamp on the drum, let the wire slow rotation 10 to 20 laps, in a handstand type wire drawing machine equipment under the drum, and then shut down. Remove the wire clamp for annealing line operation, pay attention to step down the wire to be in the fall line frame. Note that in a handstand type wire drawing machine during the running of equipment, be sure to closely observe its running state, so as to avoid accidents. After the fall line plane charge full line, can stop. Then loosen the line pressing roller, claws, and then introduced the car, the wire hanging out of wire rack, then pushed into the car. This process can be repeated operation.

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