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The use of the architectural mesh welding machine

by:HONTA     2020-07-25

building net welding net machine, small make up today for you to learn about the architecture using the method of mesh welding machine, to learn together. Coal mine supporting network automatic welding machine adopts synchronous control technology, used for nc steel plate welded mesh welding machine. The welding time and control welding are all composed of digital programming of PLC system, input panel for touch screen, operate more intelligent and reasonable.

building is analysed using the method of mesh welding machine can press once, a welding time, different size of yarn and weft yarn could be on the same network. The main structure by the weft wire hopper, wire drawing machine, welding transformer, the upper beam electrode pressure, bottom electrode sill mechanism, mechanism, shooting line setup, assembly, all the above mechanism and frame type framework, the framework of this is solid and firm and beautiful and new. Indirect welding technology on steel mesh welding machine, a pressure, secondary welding. Welding time and welding by PLC digital control programming, tablet for two kinds of screen or key, operating more intelligent and rational. Used for highway guardrail, coal mine, reinforcing steel mesh welding of the support. Stencil machine is one of the welded steel mesh equipment. Its vertical lines cross all work for wire feeding, the longitudinal through line, automatic feeding, automatic feeding reciprocating blanking, nc servo feed. After all is ready, can be welded mesh welding machine building. Various active components lubrication status shall be maintained. Need welding object to keep clean, prevent damage of electrode and reduce the service life. If used in low temperature environment construction mesh welding machine, especially the temperature below zero, after completion of welding should be remove the cooling water cooling pipe, prevent freezes cooling pipe and transformers. Construction mesh welding machine should be done after a power outage overhaul and maintenance. Relevant user should carry protective gloves tools such as operation. Mesh welding machine in a long time can not be affected with damp be affected with damp, to prevent leakage of equipment. Architectural mesh welding machine should be used according to the rated load power operation, can not long running equipment. Through the above construction net welding net machine, small make up understanding, hope to be able to help you.

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