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Use wire drawing machine installation matters needing attention

by:HONTA     2020-08-02

in the wire and the drum drum circumferential direction along the drum circumferential direction there is no relative sliding surface, the surface wear is relatively small, and the middle one reel temporary parking, followed by the drum can still rely on their product line of work for a period of time as usual. The model has a simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, low manufacturing cost advantages. Installed in the use of wire drawing machine matters need to be aware of when to pass the debug make wire tensile axis and the center line of the die is symmetrical, uniform stress the wire rod and wire mould, wire drawing machine should be installed base fixed is solid, avoid vibration phenomenon in the process of the wire to avoid frequent start parking, because drawing started the friction caused by the tensile stress is bigger than normal drawing of friction, this will increase the mould wear used for drawing wire passes through pretreatment, surface pretreatment and heat treatment, heat treatment or uneven hardness of wire rod for hardness is too high, or tempering hardness by annealing, keep good hardness uniformity and wire drawing again. Surface pretreatment: for wire rod surface dirt, adhesion is more impurities, first drawing again after cleaning, drying; For wire rod surface have more scale, should first after acid thin, drying and then to drawing; For surface peeling, pits, the phenomenon such as double skin wire, but also through the polishing machine for grinding after the drawing above is related matters of wire drawing machine, hope to be able to help you

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