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Water tank type wire drawing machine modification process requirement

by:HONTA     2020-07-02

in the use of traditional drawing equipment drawing operations, often there are some problems, these problems can cause problems for the user. This is because, in the water tank type wire drawing machine equipment is used for the external control method of PID controller, so will show the defects in the process of operation, control parameter debugging is difficult, expensive and easy to damage, etc.

and maintenance after the problem, also need to cost is higher. As we know, for the water tank type wire drawing machine equipment, we at the time of drawing operations, hope in the take-up and pay-off can keep synchronization, and does not appear the problem of disconnection. Therefore in order to solve the above mentioned problem, we need to modify it. So, in the process of transformation, for its technical requirements? First of all, at the time of modification, should fully embody the low-frequency torque. That is to say, in the process of low frequency point move threading, should maintain enough torque, and to keep the fast response speed. In addition, the water tank type wire drawing machine equipment in the process of operation, no jitter tremble. The second request, in the process of host start-stop, shall not break the exceptions such as the problems, if there is a disconnect problem, should immediately report to the police and emergency stop. Third, water tank type wire drawing machine equipment in the process of operation, should be able to maintain a smooth operation. In addition, in the process of normal operation, do not allow the swinging rod collision limit up and down. Last one requirement is that when the production task is completed, the closure of water tank type wire drawing machine equipment, shall be synchronized, and does not exist the problem of disconnection.

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