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Water tank type wire drawing machine safety considerations

by:HONTA     2020-07-03

in order to better use of the equipment, make its better help us to get the job done. Before boot, some preparation is necessary. Take water tank type wire drawing machine, to check before you switch on the water level, water quality, oil level, pump, water tank, such as motor and safety protective equipment is normal, to check everything is normal rear can begin to work.

if after inspection found that everything is all right, then the work can be switched on. At this time, pay attention to the problems are, wheel winding switch to set in the closed position, the speed control knob counterclockwise direction of electromagnetic velometer to minimum, and then according to the order operation, such as start the main motor, start the clutch, etc. It is important to note that in water tank type wire drawing machine during operation are not allowed to use hand pull a dog series mode. Are described in some detail matters needing attention, again below the water tank type wire drawing machine during operation, in order to them to ensure that the normal work, need to open air pump, and check whether in normal, normal can be installed under the condition of the wheel, then the wheel take-up machine safety door closed, and then open the winding switch, electromagnetic speed regulating instrument in the speed control knob to the idle position and restart clutch, gradually adjust to run faster. If the wheel is damaged need to change, to adjust the frequency converter first reset button, then restart in operating order. In order to ensure the machine can run normally for a long time, the best in the boot after a period of time to a preheating, suggested methods for operation, low speed running for a period of time, first run during normal circumstances can increase the speed slowly. If a water tank in the process of running the anomalies such as leakage, should immediately stop overhaul, after waiting for failure to lift to run. Note that in order to protect the equipment, no direct press the stop button will water tank type wire drawing machine stopping, to switch to a minimum speed to press the stop button. If meet an emergency, can first press the stop button. But after the stop be sure to dispatch speed control knob to the lowest position. For security reasons, during the period of equipment operation, they stay near the drum should be forbidden to prevent some accidents happen. Note that the maintenance, the equipment are in need of water tank type wire drawing machine every once in a while, the different parts of the bearing should apply the right amount of lubricating oil.

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