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We pay attention to use galvanized iron wire

by:HONTA     2020-08-31

now architecture, handicrafts, woven wire mesh, and other industries can use galvanized iron wire, mainly due to the performance characteristics of galvanized iron wire is better, can well meet the needs of these industries. Galvanized iron wire application scope is more and more wide, the problems are also many, is mainly due to the users in the use of galvanized iron wire didn't pay attention to these problems.

for galvanized iron wire the environment is not to be used for a cleaning job, you may not know is, from the ground before the use of galvanized iron wire or equipment to undertake clearing all the obstacles on safe use. Lack of specification for galvanized iron wire for the operation of pickling. The correct operation is slowly into the cylinder, the wire add acid to slowly pour in case when acid splash cuts. Take-up and galvanized iron wire operation did not pay attention to some things, in principle, as a result of the galvanized iron wire should be specialized in a comprehensive plan as a whole, if you want to receive line, should first ask whether relevant personnel can be closed. Away after the coil to light implantation, stacked neatly, at the same time also can't put a lot of coil yard together, should not be commonly more than 5 disc height. For their own safety, is also responsible for the production process, we should memorize these considerations.

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