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What about galvanized wire equipment inspection standard

by:HONTA     2020-08-30

building bound with wire is used # 22 ( 0. 71毫米) , price is low, its characteristic flexibility is good, not easy to break, is one of the construction of ideal tie wire, mainly USES the cold low zinc plating processing wire. Mainly USES the cold low zinc plating processing wire. About galvanized wire equipment inspection standard in galvanized wire leaching of zinc from debugging, remains the same, according to t = kd zinc immersion time (1), including: t galvanized wire for leaching zinc time is constant, 4 - 7 d is galvanized wire mm in diameter, and then estimate the galvanized wire from leaching zinc. By adjusting the galvanized wire leaching zinc from, make all kinds of galvanized wire zinc immersion time than not shorten the average 5 s before debugging, so lower the consumption of zinc, zinc galvanized wire consumption per ton from 61 kg to 59. 4kg。 Galvanized iron wire hardness is commonly used in metal material mechanics performance of a performance index. Galvanized wire hardness test is a method for rapid economic. For the hardness of galvanized wire, so far has not been a include all test methods at home and abroad, the definition of uniform and clear. Generally speaking, the hardness of galvanized wire are often considered: materials for press into the plastic deformation, scratches, wear resistance or cutting, etc. Hot dip galvanized wire is melting in the heat inside the liquid zinc immersion plating, production speed, coating thickness, but are not uniform, the market allows the thickness of 45 microns, can reach more than 300 microns. Color is darker, more consumption of zinc metal, galvanized wire and base metal forming infiltration layer, good corrosion resistance, galvanized wire can stay for decades in outdoor environment. Above is the related matters of galvanized wire equipment, hope to be able to help you

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