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What are factors influencing the discontinuous production of wire drawing machine

by:HONTA     2020-07-23

domestic wire drawing machine to form the old fashioned pulley wire drawing machine, with double mandrel, straight into the type, loop type, tuning roller straight-line, modular and all kinds of the present situation of the water tank drawer coexist. Classification of wire drawing machine, big can of wire drawing machine, large water tank wire drawing machine, small water tank wire drawing machine because of discontinuous produce copper wire drawing equipment, wire drawing speed will gradually and annealing are not synchronized, this will make the drawing for the traction speed of fast slow and make the wire diameter presents a continuous, irregular change. That what are the factors affecting 1, copper wire in the annealing shivering on the wheel. When the copper wire in loose when close under the state of annealing, annealing of age when current density is small, and the strength of the copper wire at high speed is relatively low, so simple a copper wire on the annealing wheel lighter, make the appearance of copper wire because of the effect of spark wire diameter is not uniform. 2, for the motor gear box of the long-term use of wear and tear. This can make the constant speed of wire drawing wheel speed and traction speed and linear velocity does not match, and then constitutes a fine-drawn monofilament. 3, store the instability of line tension on the wheel. Produce workshop pressure local may be more, this will constitute a wire drawing machine age when the pressure of the pump is small, it also makes the store of wire tension is not stable, and because the line speed is constant, this makes the drawing by pulling force is not constant value, which may constitute a monofilament diameter error can't accurate control. Above is the wire drawing machine related matters, the hope can help you

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