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What are the benefits without pickling of wire drawing machine

by:HONTA     2020-07-04

in recent decades, the economic development of our country got obvious progress, but also bringing about some problems. One of the most prominent is the environment. Nowadays, environment protection have been put in important position, therefore, more and more enterprises also follow the national policy, as far as possible make the increase of product has reached the standard of environmental protection practical. Wire drawing machine industry is no exception.

how to make the equipment in machining process as far as possible to reduce pollution, guarantee product quality at the same time, this should be a lot of enterprises in thinking about an important issue. Wire drawing machine as a kind of technology of advanced process equipment, in our country, we developed a certain scale, but one has to face the problem, the traditional drawing equipment for pickling, will cause serious pollution of acid, caused adverse impact on the environment. Therefore, in order to solve the problem, eliminate the phenomenon of pollution in the process of pickling, our domestic technical personnel of the continuous efforts, in the pickling process has made a major breakthrough. Now, without pickling of wire drawing machine has adapted to the fast pace of economic development, gradually obtained the promotion and application in our country. Then, compared with the traditional pickling process, without pickling wire drawing machine advantage in where? This should be from the pickling process began to explain. In fact, the traditional pickling process is mainly use some sulfuric acid or other acidic chemical drugs, the rust on the surface of the wire or other wire through chemical reaction and removal, to maintain clean smooth surface. But, after improvement, the modern wire drawing machine, after drawing is washed by a mechanical descaling device, this method can quickly remove rust or dirt on the surface of the metal wire, this is because it is through the three hundred and sixty degrees of rotation into line, so as to remove oxide on the surface of the skin, with the help of a steel brush after grinding, and then use the lubricant for protection. Therefore, can be seen from the above, this new type of no pickling wire drawing machine not only can solve the problem of pollution of acid pickling, and make the process simpler and more convenient, save the working time, greatly improving the work efficiency, also can lower the cost of production.

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