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What are the electric galvanized equipment work process

by:HONTA     2020-08-20

what are electric galvanized equipment working process? Electroplating industry has always been a high automation level, but how to control, how to selection, and how did the plating process widely, which design to process in detail, in today's content. Electroplating electroplating process is the reason of fraud electrolysis electric conductive body covered with a layer of metal.

refers to the electroplating contain salts in the solution, in the process of the metallized by metal plating substrate as cathode, exploring electrolysis, cation in matrix in the process of the metallized in the plating solution to precipitate out of the metal surface, a surface coating processing way. In plain English is zinc active than iron, but zinc oxide, it is very dense material, when damage to the surface of the galvanized steel, zinc will be oxidized, resulting in the protective layer of dense, don't let the iron rust, iron does not rust, natural is long service life. Alkali degreasing lye except oil has a variety of ways, including soaking method, radiation method, steam method, joint processing method and manual cleaning method. Of soaking method and radiation method is used widely, they might as well the practical in the process of various needs and scenes, simple equipment, easy manipulation, safe non-toxic, might as well a half manual manipulation, also might as well automation, mechanization processing. This way the key with the help of the alkali chemical action ( Saponification) To get rid of grease and slight rust on the surface of the metal, make the coated surface cleaning, this approach is often used to eliminate the iron and steel, nickel, copper, black metal and insoluble in lye of non-ferrous metals. The focus of the alkali ingredients with sodium hydroxide, trisodium phosphate, sodium silicate, sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate, etc. , saponification and washing effect of sodium hydroxide. Plays a role of softened water trisodium phosphate focus. Ph ( pH值) Adjusted by sodium carbonate; Sodium silicate is strengthening the wetting and emulsification. The goal is to go to the oil, reduce oil effect on the plating. Put back the clock back in rinse rinse refers to the target workpiece moving target and water instead, so use water to wash first, then use clean water to wash, might as well saving water, both can clean again. So, try to watch the workpiece moving target.

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