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What are the factors affecting the quality of cold welding

by:HONTA     2020-08-25

what are the factors affecting the quality of cold welding? Everyone should know something about welding net machine, so what is a cold welding technology, along with the below small make up see together! No heating, at room temperature without flux of cold welding quality mainly depends on: to the surface of the weldment state ( Especially the clean degree) ; Welding parts of the plastic deformation; The welding stress.

stay on the surface of the welding condition: weldment surface roughness in general, the workpiece surface roughness is not high cold welding requirements, after rolling, shearing, or turning surface can be used for cold welding. But when the welding deformation amount is less than 20% and precision welding, vacuum pressure is required for welding pieces have a lower surface roughness. For cleanliness oil film, water film on the surface of the weldment and other organic impurities are cold welding & quot; Natural & quot; 。 In the extrusion process, they will extend into tiny film, no matter how much plastic deformation can't be an interface, the phenomenon that occurred on the welding is not even. Therefore, must be cleared before welding. Organic matter removal is usually the methods of chemical solvent cleaning or ultrasonic cleaning. In order to ensure the stability, the high quality of weld, cleaning the surface does not allow legacy residue or oxide film after cuttings. After cleaning the surface of the also don't use hands and pollution again, the workpiece is clear, should be up as soon as possible.

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