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What are the industry use wire drawing machine

by:HONTA     2020-06-29

wire drawing machine industry, so many kinds of devices involved, common wire drawing machine has water tank type wire drawing machine, straight into the type wire drawing machine, pulley, wire drawing machine, inverted wire drawing machine, wire drawing machine is mainly used for copper wire, stainless steel wire and other metal cable material processing, cable manufacturing industry an important processing equipment.

with the continuous development of frequency control of motor speed technology, frequency conversion governor has been widely used in wire drawing machine industry, bear the drawing speed, tension coiling, multi-stage synchronous control, the application of frequency converter, greatly improving the wire drawing machine automation level and processing ability, effectively reduce the unit energy consumption of the equipment and maintenance costs, widely recognized by industry. Pay-off: wire pay-off for the wire drawing machine link, its control accuracy requirement not too high, most of the wire drawing machine, the feeding operations are driven by the frequency motorized, but there are also part of the double frequency conversion control wire drawing machine, even directly through the drawing link thread tension draft sent to wire drawing machine, free pay-off; Drawing: drawing link is wire drawing machine is the most important work. Different metal materials, silk varieties and requirements, drawing link is very different, the back of the paper will elaborate on water tank type wire drawing machine and straight into the type wire drawing machine specific operation process; Take-up: determines the whole work of the take-up speed wire drawing machine machinery production efficiency, is also the hardest part to control the whole system. This part, the commonly used control technology with synchronous control and tension control winding of metal products.

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