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What are the installation of stainless steel wire drawing machine and use requirement

by:HONTA     2020-07-19

stainless steel wire drawing machine is a professional for some metal materials used for surface treatment equipment, and in the machining process will not affect the performance of the workpiece. Currently on the market there are two different categories, one is for large plane processing equipment, the other is a mention of wire drawing machine, mainly for molding products with irregular grain after recovery, scratch repair, etc.

so, do you know about stainless steel wire drawing machine, in the process of installation and use need to meet the requirements of what? First, wire drawing machine for stainless steel wire drawing machine installation work, be sure to ensure that equipment, fixed to the basis of in order to prevent the vibration phenomenon during work and affect the working effect. Second, install the stainless steel wire drawing machine, also should consider whether to conform to the requirements of the equipment work, to guarantee its at work, on the wire and pull mode to maintain the uniform, stress should be properly adjusted, can make through debugging wire tensile axis and the center line of the die is symmetrical, to meet the requirements. Then, the operator is important to note that in the process of equipment operation, be sure to avoid frequent startup and shutdown operation, it is stainless steel wire drawing machine equipment by drawing on the tensile stress produced by friction is bigger, and is bigger than normal drawing friction, easy to cause the mould wear and tear, is not conducive to its long-term use. To pay attention to at the same time, in the process of wire drawing, used for drawing wire passes through pretreatment, the surface pretreatment and heat treatment. And also to the requirement of operating personnel must be in accordance with the standards, remember, when the stainless steel wire drawing machine at work, the operator may not leave work without authorization, in order to avoid accidents. Finally, to do well for stainless steel wire drawing machine maintenance and maintenance work. This is also an effective method of extending the use of time, regular cleaning and lubrication care, can make the stainless steel wire drawing machine play a better role.

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