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What are the main factors influencing the annealing equipment is shining

by:HONTA     2020-08-25

annealing is a kind of metal heat treatment process, refers to the metal slow heating, keep enough time, and then cooling at appropriate rate. The purpose is to reduce the hardness, to improve the cutting process to eliminate residual stress, stable size, reduce the deformation and crack tendency; Fine grains, adjust, eliminate defects. Accurately, annealing is a heat treatment process for materials, including metal materials, non-metallic materials. And new materials also exist similarities and differences with the traditional metal annealing annealing purpose what are the main factors influencing the annealing equipment is shining? 1, whether to reach specified temperature annealing temperature is generally take the solid solution heat treatment, namely people usually say 'annealing', temperature range of 1. 04 k ~ 1。 12k℃。 You can also through observing hole of annealing furnace, annealing zone should be incandescent state, but did not appear to soften prolapse. 2, protection of gas pressure to prevent leakage, gas furnace protection to maintain positive pressure, if the hydrogen gas protection, more than 20000 bar general requirements. 3, annealing are generally adopt stainless steel welded pipe pure hydrogen atmosphere as annealing atmosphere, atmosphere purity is 99. More than 99%, if the other part is an inert gas atmosphere, can also lower purity, but can't have too much oxygen and water vapor. The above is the related matters of annealing equipment, hope to be able to help you

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