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What are the rules of operating wire drawing machine

by:HONTA     2020-07-06

wire drawing machine according to its USES can be divided into metal wire drawing machine, Used for standard parts and other metal products production preparation) , plastic wire drawing machine, Used in plastic products industry in polyester, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester chip, etc as raw material to produce various hollow, solid wire or flat wire for deep processing of special equipment) , bamboo wire drawing machine, Used for bamboo and wood products in the industry for chopsticks, toothpicks, barbecue bar pull such as bamboo, wood wool reprocessing of special equipment) And so on. What are the procedures when operating wire drawing machine, grinding wheel 1 or wire drawing machine wire drawing knife feed, smooth, slowly. Bed surface, such as straightening machine guide rail should be frequently go 2, repair or inspection machine, cutting machine tool power after 3, wire drawing, exit the tool first, and then stop, the wire drawing machine of roller on the skids, temporarily not in use, should be coated with anti-rust oil 4, before start the machine tool, grinding wheel or wiredrawing knife should leave roller distance, all electric equipment should be in stop position, roller shaft sleeve, roller bearing and stroke collision block adjustment is in order, and fastening 5, machine tool in the process of running, casual touches the handwheel is forbidden, handle and electric button, lest produce an accident; Prohibited by hand to touch the moving parts; Workstation is not allowed to put tools and other objects 6, machine tools, electrical equipment grounding is good, the two stroke collision block will only be a screw is complete in July and start the grinding wheel, nobody may stand in the front wheel, so as to avoid some accidents happen 8, machine tool device by the grinding wheel protective cover, intact, the belt cover such devices shall not be arbitrarily dismantled and shield all fixed screw should be composed tighten it is wire drawing machine related matters, hope to be able to help you

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