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What is the structure of the device description of wire drawing machine

by:HONTA     2020-06-27

wire drawing machine according to its USES can be divided into metal wire drawing machine, Used for standard parts and other metal products production preparation) , plastic wire drawing machine, Used in plastic products industry in polyester, nylon, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester chip, etc as raw material to produce various hollow, solid wire or flat wire for deep processing of special equipment) , bamboo wire drawing machine, Used for bamboo and wood products in the industry for chopsticks, toothpicks, barbecue bar pull such as bamboo, wood wool reprocessing of special equipment) And so on. The structure of the wire drawing machine device what are 1, wiring device spiral steel wire line of spool movement can be divided into rotary motion and reciprocating motion: rotary motion by motor through the synchronous belt transmission, rows of reciprocating motion by the servo motor through the synchronous belt, ball screw assembly, linear bearing drive to achieve. Reciprocating movement of the trip between 50 ~ 200 mm, change the position of the two limit sensor can adjust the reciprocating movement of the trip. 2, winding head spindle nose structure and the joint part of the body of machine head adopts cone mesh body positioning, keep head rotation accuracy. The nose structure for the centrifugal block, by starting from an ontology, up, up, pressure spring, head of front cover, the nose back cover. The material of the whole head adopt aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials. Head high speed rotates under the action of centrifugal force, the higher block will wire tube support, fiber is wrapped around the wire barrel surface. When the winding end stop running nose, centrifugal force disappear up piece of free falling can discharge tube. 3, in cylinder device in cylinder device driven by joint in cylinder motor and cylinder, in order to turn in the appropriate coil position. Motor by gear and chain drive rotor rotation, until the nose position detection sensors detect the end; Then turn the plane positioning cylinder, rotate the rotor turns in the specified position and will stop stop holding it firmly. So as to ensure the normal continuity for wire drawing operation. 4, wiring device from the wire line device of roving drawing machine from line device of a wiring device is to make the row at the beginning of the winding line device to move the nose, the second is in the process of winding with the increase of the extension of time and the thickness of the cake, to gradually move to the right of wiring device ( Also called transverse) 。 Ribbon cable wire and the cake surface layer spacing remains unchanged, thus ensuring the cake inside and outside layer tension. 5, pneumatic device directly untwisted wire drawing machine and roving wire drawing machine of pneumatic device by air pressure switch, air pressure regulating valve, solenoid valve, cylinder and pneumatic fittings. 6 oil mist, oil mist lubrication device refers to the oil particles floating in the air jet stream at a high speed. Oil mist lubrication device is introducing brought the dry compressed air compressed air pipeline of oil mist generator, using compressed air carrier with a venturi tube, eddy current effect of lubricating oil into the subtle oil particles suspended in a high-speed air jet stream and the oil mist into all lubricating points. 7, spray wire drawing machine, spray device has a line of spray and removable nipple spray. Spray by deionized water atomized into rows of 5 ~ 10 microns in diameter droplets, and then the approximate tangent nozzle. Spray device is used to clean the ribbon cable wire, prevent infiltration agent in the ribbon cable wire conjunctiva. 8, the nose brake electromagnetic braking energy is contact friction losses braking. The brake torque, reliable work. It will drive after step-down rectifier dc input to the motor stator winding, in contrast to the turning direction are produced by electromagnetic torque, in order to realize the electromagnetic braking energy. Above is the wire drawing machine related matters, hope to be able to help you

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