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What's in common galvanized equipment of knowledge

by:HONTA     2020-08-26

galvanized refers to the surface of metal, alloy or other material coated with a layer of zinc in surface treatment technology in one of the beautiful, rust, etc. Is mainly USES the method of hot dip galvanized. Here are common galvanized equipment of hot galvanizing technology knowledge divided into two major categories of annealing in annealing and line outside the lines, namely, wet, annealing, hot dip galvanized wheeling method outside the lines, line annealing, Jimmy, Jimmy's method, the improved sen, steel union, Silas and Sharon method. Hot galvanized sheet production process mainly includes: the original board preparation, plating pretreatment and post-treatment of plating and finished goods inspection performance characteristics such as 1, due to the combined firm, zinc - Iron miscibility, strong wear resistance; Because the zinc has good ductility, and its alloy layer and steel substrate adhesion strong, so the hot galvanizing for cold blunt, rolling, drawing, bending and forming process, does not damage the coating 2, thick and dense of pure zinc layer covering on the surface of steel fasteners, it can avoid the steel substrate contact with any of the corrosion solution, to protect steel fasteners substrate from corrosion. In general the atmosphere, form a layer on the surface of zinc layer is very thin and dense surface of the zno layer. So it is difficult to dissolve in water, iron and steel fasteners for matrix plays a protective role. 3, after the hot dipping zinc fastener surface bright and beautiful, pure zinc layer is a layer of rich plastic in hot-dip zinc galvanized layer, basic close to the nature of pure zinc, has the good ductility. 4, hot-dip zinc, structural steelwork is equivalent to an annealing treatment, can effectively improve the mechanical properties of steel matrix, and eliminate the stress of steel forming welding, is beneficial to turning processing of steel structure is galvanized equipment related matters above, hope to be able to help you

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