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What's in wire drawing machine equipment to operating personnel requirements

by:HONTA     2020-07-05

the classification of wire drawing machine, big can of wire drawing machine, large water tank wire drawing machine, small water tank wire drawing machine, Commonly known as twin wire drawing machine) Wire drawing machine equipment to operating personnel requirements 1, operator loyal to their duties, is responsible earnestly, familiar with the equipment operation, maintenance and maintenance. 2, operation personnel familiar with the basic technical parameters and performance index of this equipment. 3, summarize the operator constantly learning, its quality enhances unceasingly. 4, the operator in the specified production processing equipment for operation, it is forbidden to non-native personnel computer operation or string of bit operation. 5, operator holding wire drawing machine operation certificate, it is strictly prohibited to unlicensed personnel computer operation. Above is the wire drawing machine related matters, the hope can help you

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