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When drawing machine operation matters needing attention

by:HONTA     2020-07-06

products are baked exhaust free energy-saving plastic wire drawing machine is the main characteristic on the cylinder is equipped with vent, and cylinder connected at least two or more. Within the cylinder screw pitch is different from behind, don't need plastic mixer mixing, and be able to suck out plastic water in mixing, the plastic wire, uniform thickness, smooth, not easy broken wires, and high efficiency, less energy consumption. Operation of wire drawing machine matters need to be aware of when driving after paying close attention to the quality of the copper wire, surface should be smooth, can not have triangle mouth, cracks, inclusions, notable spots, harmful defects and mechanical damage. Often observe whether mechanical and electrical equipment and the instrument at a normal state. Often measurement products outside diameter is consistent with process requirements, if not found, can check for wear and abrasive wear abrasive tool should be replaced in a timely manner. Line frame, the line plate, roller, mold base, etc. , need to keep clean is not rough, flexible operation, prevent damaged wires. Every line, the next mark wire gauge and weight, the number of meters. Often pay attention to the host and receive linear velocity is synchronous and constant tension wire, if discover out of sync or constant tension not timely adjustment, and stability. Above is the wire drawing machine related matters, hope to be able to help you

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