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Why is the shock absorber is drawing machine equipment in the process of production is very important a part

by:HONTA     2020-07-18

wire drawing machine equipment, also known as metal wire drawing equipment, the diameter of the root tree drawing wire thickness is divided into: large drawing machine, drawing machine, small machine, fine line wire drawing machine, fine line wire drawing machine, etc. Can be divided into: page depending on the material of wire stainless steel wire drawing machine, copper wire drawing machine, copper clad steel wire drawing machine, copper clad aluminum wire drawing machine, copper clad copper wire drawing machine, wire cutting, wire drawing machine, wire wire drawing machine and other various types of wire drawing equipment commonly used in some brushed metal or plastic wire drawing. In wire drawing machine equipment in the process of drawing, without one of the key components, the key components is the shock absorber. Why is shock absorber wire drawing machine equipment in a very important part in the process of production? When the wire drawing machine in the job, its wheels will keep jumping up and down, in order to reduce the vibration of the process is usually to configure a shock absorber, shock absorber is when the job in the oil to do reciprocating motion of piston, can make the operation of a piston cavity and form oil pressure difference between inferior vena, tightening pressure oil will open and spread valves and move back and forth. Because valve causes high pressure oil resistance, thus it can be less oscillation. In wire drawing machine equipment applications, most use shock absorber are inflatable shock absorber, about the inflatable shock absorber, is actually in the early 60 s, had developed a new type of shock absorber. It not only can be used in wire drawing equipment, at the same time, a lot of cars are in use. In terms of the current structure, most are in the bottom of the cylinder position configuration a floating piston, from floating on the piston and cylinder end formed a closed chamber filled with high pressure nitrogen gas. Floating above the piston with big cross section type O sealing ring, is a good way to partition oil and gas operations on the pistons also configured to changes with the size of its movement speed channel cross-sectional area spread tightening valve and valve. For wire drawing machine equipment, inflatable shock absorber is a good way to reduce the vibrations in the process of operation, make the wire drawing machine equipment as stable as possible, so as to maintain good working condition. Above is the wire drawing machine equipment related issues, hope to be able to help you

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